The Talent

The key ingredient? The right people.

The opportunities offered by City Center Allentown all revolve around one thing—allowing you to run your business as successfully as possible.
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More Return On Your Investment

Get more from your people. Class A office space in an exciting urban setting inspires employees to bring their A game every day of the week. Find your next office space 

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More Progressive Thinkers

A progressive, collaborative business environment. Amenities that attract millennials. Forward-thinking people surrounded by like-minded individuals. Be a part of the network Downtown Allentown

“For Merrill Lynch and companies like it, locating our offices in an energized city environment with walk-to-work opportunities like downtown Allentown is critical to attracting and retaining talented employees and expanding our business.”

Chris Reber, Market Executive, Merrill Lynch 

When competing for the best available talent, a vibrant urban environment is an undeniable selling point.

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More Inspiration

Co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and startups. Abundant outdoor dining. A pocket park amphitheater. Creative thinking is inspired by creative surroundings. Get the most of the Green Space

More Ways To Recruit & Retain

More Ways To Recruit & Retain

In close proximity to more than 10 major colleges and universities, and less than 90  minutes from NYC and Philadelphia, Downtown Allentown provides ideal access to both fresh talent and seasoned professionals. Learn more about The Region