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What is a WorkLife Environment?

Employees are looking for a balanced environment that allows them to feel comfortable at work. A thriving WorkLife environment will get them out of their homes and back in the office. 

An exceptional WorkLife Environment:

  • Engages employees and promotes their well-being
  • Enhances collaboration and fosters productivity  
  • Creates space where employees can gather for the social aspects of work
  • Includes flexible floor plans with collaborative workspaces and lounges that inspire creativity 
  • Mimics the comfort of home with cafes and lounges
  • Gives access to a thriving city with walkable restaurants, retail and events
  • Helps you attract and retain the industry’s best talent 

It is vital to make sure your employees have engaging workspaces when they come back to the office, and a balanced WorkLife Environment is key to collaboration and innovation. 

Think Outside of Old-School Office Designs

When your employees need a break from their desks, where can they go for a change of scenery? Traditional office designs don’t have the flexible workspace employees need to increase their productivity. 

Forward-thinking companies understand that today’s workplace needs to look and function differently. Many new or redesigned workplaces include large rooms with a variety of unassigned workspaces, each with its own vibe. Multiple seating options accommodate individual and collaborative work.

A perfect WorkLife balance isn’t just about an exceptional office space, it’s about the community that surrounds it. There’s a reason why people who work in Downtown Allentown are excited to come back to the office. 

“It’s easier to learn, model, practice, and strengthen our culture when we’re in the office together most of the time and surrounded by our colleagues.” – Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO

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Get a WorkLifestyle

What makes for an ideal office environment? It begins with the location itself. In Downtown Allentown, right outside the office buildings there’s a vibrant city that’s been a major added benefit to drawing employees back to the office.

  • Grab lunch at one of many fast-casual restaurants just within walking distance to your office
  • Network at one of many popular late night happy hour spots
  • Discover free events such as comedy nights, live music in the Pocket Park, trivia night, or karaoke

Downtown Allentown will not only get the attention of your employees, but your company clients as well. Entertain your clients at local restaurants and offer them a stay at The Renaissance Allentown if they’re visiting from out of town. After your meeting you can treat them to a concert or hockey game at PPL Center, or have a cocktail at one of the many restaurants located within walking distance to your office. SEE WHAT'S AVAILABLE




The opportunities offered by City Center Allentown all revolve around one thing—allowing you to run your business as successfully as possible. We want our office tenants to thrive in downtown Allentown and will work with you to make that happen.
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