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You're walking straight into new opportunity.

More than 12,500 office professionals. Fortune 500's, iconic regional brands, emerging startups.

“We moved to downtown Allentown with expansion in mind because of the great location and opportunities to collaborate with other downtown companies. We have built relationships that have led to additional business, requiring us to recruit and expand our workforce.” 

Kerry Kulp, Network Systems Consultant and Partner, Velaspan

Regularly meeting people from other companies or industries is an important part of staying innovative.

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More Leaders in One Place

The company you keep here is some of the best in the nation. Pennsylvania's third-largest city, Allentown is home to diverse industry leaders—and we're growing by the day. Find your next office space

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More Relationships

Energy, innovation, and a collaborative spirit. The opportunity to build strong relationships with employees, clients, and other businesses. You never know who you'll run into. Discover the talent in Downtown Allentown

More Talent Pools

Close to 10 major colleges and universities and less than 90 minutes from NYC and Philadelphia, Downtown Allentown is a magnet for exceptional talent. Smart companies need smart employees.
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More Spots to Seal the Deal

Nothing beats walking out your office door and straight into the energy of a vibrant cityscape. The perfect spot to conduct business is always just footsteps away. Explore places to stay and play in Downtown Allentown

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More Face Time

The face-to-face immediacy that comes with working in close proximity to other successful businesses simply isn't possible in the sprawling suburban office park. Find your next office space in Downtown Allentown

Walkability—easy access to the city—is key to new business engagement.