Green Space

More focus on the future.

During the design and building process, City Center Allentown gives special attention to environmental responsibility, investing in green roofs and advanced technologies that maximize energy efficiency.

Commercial buildings with an ENERGY STAR certification use an average of 35% less energy than typical buildings.

Downtown Allentown ArtsWalk

More Reasons to Walk

A pedestrian-only walkway that encourages outdoor foot traffic while providing easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment, ArtsWalk also includes a "pocket park" with a mini amphitheater. Perfect for walks short and long. Explore the downtown lifestyle

Downtown Allentown Murals

More Public Art

City Center commissioned five murals for Downtown Allentown. Painted by world-renowned artists from around the country, the murals adorn outside walls of the historic Sovereign building, the ArtsWalk Parking Deck, STRATA Annex building and 520 Lofts. The murals are designed to inspire the community and have become a source of pride for those who live and work here. Get INSPIRED →

According to a recent National Technology Readiness Survey, almost 70% of adults like to do business with companies that are environmentally responsible.
Two City Center

More Energy Efficiency

Our first building, Two City Center, set a new standard in our region for high-performance Class A office space. Earning the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification with a rating over 90 since 2015, Two City Center serves as the model for all City Center Allentown office space. Find your next office space

Downtown Allentown ArtsWalk

More Collaboration

City Center Allentown is working with LAND COLLECTIVE, a renowned landscape architecture and urban design studio, to envision the future of our city's public spaces. Together, we will continue to design and develop high-quality green space for downtown residents and workers.

Downtown Allentown ArtsWalk

More Ways To Attract Talent

According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index, over 80% of workers are attracted by an employer with a strong commitment to the environment, and half of all workers would forgo a raise or promotion in favor of working for a company with a reputation for environmental responsibility. More ways to attract ambitious employees

Living Wall at Five City Center

More Clean Air

Five City Center's stylish open lobby with a 30 -foot- high ceiling and clear glass includes three permanent live trees and a 24-foot high living wall that helps to purify the air and promotes a healthy indoor climate. Find your next office space