Instagrammable spots in Allentown, PA

Most-Instagrammable Places in Downtown Allentown

Need some Insta-piration? We found the most Instagrammable Places in Downtown Allentown. These are the cozy bars, impeccable cocktails and unique artwork your feed needs. Here is where to find Downtown Allentown at its most Instagrammable- get ready to get all the likes.

1.  Allentown ArtsWalk  

Allentown ArtsWalk
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2. grain.'s Penny Floor

grain., Allentown PA
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3. The Hamilton Bar  

The Hamilton Kitchen
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4. Linden Deck Mural 

Allentown, PA Mural
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5. "The Curtain" Sculpture  

The Curtain, Allentown PA


6. "The Ruins" Sculpture

The Ruins, Allentown PA
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7. A cocktail from The Dime  

The Dime, Allentown PA
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